Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week 1, Prop Bet & Supernova Chase

So a great start to the 180 man grind has saw me play 532 games with a profit of $3,969 over the first 5 days. Thats a well above average statistic of over $7/per game and a 6 for 6 winrate in my last 6 heads-up matches, at least ive got a headstart on the variance monster.

The prop bet is between gavonater and datwilldopig and is based on 5,000 $12 180 mans to be played by gav, the pig reckons he cant make $5/per game over that sample size and the nater reckons otherwise, so thats a bet..

I will also be keeping the blog updated with the supernova chase myself and gav will be going for.

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