Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back at it

Back at it
So since the last update there has been a few days i should have played but didn't, mainly from the effects of Irish Open drinking, cash games & travelling over to the West Ham v Everton game, however the last week has seen datwilldopig join me in the 100 games a day so the grind is now alot easier to take. Pig will be writing a post for the blog soon so keep an eye out for that.

Gavonater has done a deeb on it and went into semi-retirement from tournaments and is concentrating on crushing the cash tables for awhile, R.I.P 2/4 on stars.

Not much to report i was the only one who ventured up for the loft monthly game in naas. €170 Deepstack with 25minute clock and some of the top irish names from the live circuit involved.
I got 10th place after grinding a 10bb stack for at least 3hours, finally get it in AK -v- K8 and gg with the 8 on flop. Got talking to another 180 man player who i had noticed at the tables on stars alot recently benpprice, who also has a great blog, who ended up shipping the tournament. Turns out he is a student of the main inspiration behind this blog, mi_turtle. Small world.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week 1, Prop Bet & Supernova Chase

So a great start to the 180 man grind has saw me play 532 games with a profit of $3,969 over the first 5 days. Thats a well above average statistic of over $7/per game and a 6 for 6 winrate in my last 6 heads-up matches, at least ive got a headstart on the variance monster.

The prop bet is between gavonater and datwilldopig and is based on 5,000 $12 180 mans to be played by gav, the pig reckons he cant make $5/per game over that sample size and the nater reckons otherwise, so thats a bet..

I will also be keeping the blog updated with the supernova chase myself and gav will be going for.

Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22

First order of business is a 3 month grind where i plan to play 100 x $12 180 man sngs a day until the end of June, and hopefully the pig will be joining me in doing this aswel. I will be doing this as a challenge to myself more so than anything but have been inspired by the work bfizz11, mi_turtle and there students having been putting in volume wise. I hope to make $2+/per game so my mind frame is in the right place to not be effected by bad beats, bad session or even let good sessions get to me. On sundays i will be playing mtts and decreasing the 180 volume but still putting in alot of games.

Im going to link the blogs that have been interesting me alot lately, Mi_Turtle, bfizz11 and chip210.

Oh and il be putting some inspirational/motivational quotes along the way, everyone should have a document with quotes that help you keep the faith..

"..From where you are, you can go anywhere. One by one, the goals you set will get you there.." - Ralph Marston

Who? / What? / Why?

A few weeks ago i (Laois Hammer) moved into a house with 2 other poker players, gavonater & datwilldopig, and the room where we plan to crush pokerstars has been christened 'The War Room'. The 3 of us have had good success in $12 180 man sngs* & mtts but now that we will be working together on improving our game we hope that the future is only going to get better.

Im creating this blog to keep us focused and maybe someone will find our grind interesting enough to read this page from time to time.