Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back at it

Back at it
So since the last update there has been a few days i should have played but didn't, mainly from the effects of Irish Open drinking, cash games & travelling over to the West Ham v Everton game, however the last week has seen datwilldopig join me in the 100 games a day so the grind is now alot easier to take. Pig will be writing a post for the blog soon so keep an eye out for that.

Gavonater has done a deeb on it and went into semi-retirement from tournaments and is concentrating on crushing the cash tables for awhile, R.I.P 2/4 on stars.

Not much to report i was the only one who ventured up for the loft monthly game in naas. €170 Deepstack with 25minute clock and some of the top irish names from the live circuit involved.
I got 10th place after grinding a 10bb stack for at least 3hours, finally get it in AK -v- K8 and gg with the 8 on flop. Got talking to another 180 man player who i had noticed at the tables on stars alot recently benpprice, who also has a great blog, who ended up shipping the tournament. Turns out he is a student of the main inspiration behind this blog, mi_turtle. Small world.